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Embrace Music is a female-led/founded company specialising in social media campaigns, artist branding, in house promotion and special projects (e.g. educational events for young industry professionals), taking a modern personal approach to artist relationships.


We carry artists through all aspects of their careers, whether it be consulting on social media and branding, sourcing like-minded creatives from producers to photographers, and making sure their campaigns are smart, stylistic and sustainable.

we do this through:
social media marketing campaigns

(short-term or long-term)

We recognize that in the age of a global pandemic the only relationship that artists have with their fans is online, therefore the visual identity is now more important than ever. Social Media is the core of the connection between artist and audience. We want to give you a foundation, which you can use even after you have been with us.

social media ads

With our social media ads we are looking to increase your organic views and most importantly your engagement. (Youtube, IG, FB)

target audience

Through weekly calls with our social media marketeer, we will determine your unique target audience

content advice

We will advise on what content will have the most value and what to post moving forward to get the most out of your campaign and beyond.

want to maximize impact on your upcoming release?

further services

We provide assistance in every aspect of developing an artist’s career - from finding songwriters, studios, producers to help promote their profile on Social Media. 

What do you need and how can we help you - these are questions we ask our clients in the early stages of development.

industry network

Our goal is to connect you to the right person, depending on what you’re looking for. 

publishing & syncing

Embrace works in partnership with A-list Publishing & Syncing companies in the UK, US and South America.

bio & brand book

Our team will help you to create or polish your bio and produce a brand book that clearly reflects your visual identity.

social media marketing

Our team will discuss your needs, budget and aims in order to assess the best option for you.

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With an air of poise and attitude, Hazel Mei is embracing the rich tapestry that is modern music to create a sound of her own; assertively indie with a jazz-tinted underlay. Her conversational and reflective writing captures her whimsical, though mildly cynical outlook on the day to day. 

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Mola Mola are two Puerto Rican brothers and music production duo, currently based in California. Since their childhood, the two brothers Julian and Orlando Rodriguez dedicated their time to electronic music production, spanning many subgenres. They defined their style as a combination of their passion for electronic music with their own Puerto Rican and Hispanic culture.



A classical pianist, combined with vibrant electronic production, expressing raw metaphors of a millennial diary is what makes the music of London based artist Beth George so unique and captivating. After a uni project brought together two opposite music genres, an organic foundation was layered with quirky and contemporary twists, accompanied by her entrancing pop vocals and infectious hooks.

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OneDa’s plain-spoken lyrical style and trap style production has made for a truly special combination and has led to her becoming one of the most unique voices in British rap. She headlined at Manchester Pride, as well as BBC’s Introducing at Manchester Festival – becoming the first female rapper to do so. On top of all that, she helped create the all-female collective HERchester, which aims to give up-and-coming female artists opportunities at breaking into the industry.



Since signing to Warner Music Brazil in 2018, 2STRANGE (Dani Boy and Bobby Banks) have catapulted onto Brazil’s music scene with their unique and carefully crafted sound of rap, R&B, electronic and pop. Their music has gained remarkable international success, with over 20 million streams worldwide on Spotify alone for their first release ‘Baianá’, a collaboration with internationally renowned DJ, Alok, ranked 5th best DJ in the world by DJ Mag, being the highest position ever occupied by a Brazilian.

* Business Development - UK, US & Europe

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Jessie Reid’s folk-influenced, percussive fingerstyle guitar playing has drawn comparisons with the likes of Ben Howard, Lucy Rose and Nick Mulvey. Her latest single has amassed over 200,000 streams with support from Spotify editorial curators and over the past year she has been featured by BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson and Chris Hawkins, BBC Wales’s Janice Long and BBC Introducing in Shropshire.



New York born, LA-based next wave neo-soul artist Michaela makes music to lift hearts and empower. Her music is a multi-layered unpacking of her own identity, deconstructing the process of categorizing people, bodies, and ideas to discover self-love.

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Black Sands is the alter-ego recording project of Andrew Balfour, Californian bred producer, creator and collaborator, now based in Amsterdam. The power of collaboration is the soul of Black Sands; a space where creative voices join forces in a common vision and mission to create something larger than the sum of its parts.



ARVY is a Grammy nominated electronic music pioneer from Vic, Barcelona. Forging live piano music to electronic realms, his passion for crafting floor filling anthem is clear for all to hear.




Moving from Toronto, Canada to Melbourne, Australia, Jordan has dedicated himself to his musical career releasing over 20 songs in just three years. Hugely inspired by the sounds of the Neptunes, Jamiroquai, Hip Hop and RnB, Jordan Astra's music incorporates live instrumentation, dynamic arrangements and catchy choruses you can't get out of your head.


Hailing from Saō Paulo, CADY has played alongside Fatboy Slim, performed at NYC Fashion Week, and headlined the Brazilian Festival of Cinema in LA. Her versatility, technique and pure energy continue to push her further and further up that all important billing.



Jonathan Souley, also known as John Souley, is a producer / singer and songwriter from Amsterdam. He's produced big hits in the Dutch urban & hip-hop and is now passionately working on his own brand.

"Working with Embrace Management has been a dream come true. I have finally found the people who truly have my back, who see me as a being - beyond being an artist, and also include my perception and ideas, in the creation of my career.

The team is always looking for ways to make things greater, to make our vision a reality, and let me tell you… we are creating it BIG TIME!

we embrace your dreams.

We understand that every artist’s concept is different, but each should be unique.


Our team has taken on board years of experience, knowledge and networking in order to help artists to flourish and to reach their full potential, whether that involves a producer or building their brand from the very beginning. 

Embrace has been founded not simply to create careers, but to become a legacy in the music industry.

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