Embrace Music is a female-led/founded company specialising in social media campaigns, artist branding, in house promotion and special projects (e.g. educational events for young industry professionals), taking a modern personal approach to artist relationships.

with 20+ years of music-industry experience, we have the know-how you need.

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social media marketing campaigns (short-term or long-term)

social media ads • find your niche fan base • content advice

We recognize that in the age of a global pandemic the only relationship that artists have with their fans is online, therefore the visual identity is now more important than ever. 

we provide assistance in every aspect of developing your career

industry network • publishing & syncing • bio & brand book • social media marketing


mentoring services

1-2-1 mentorship calls • music industry tips • embrace sessions

Our 1-2-1 mentoring program offers a deep insight into the music business, explaining this multi-facet industry in-depth, as well as guiding you when it comes to writing pitches to send to key industry people such as publishers and record labels, going through potential deals and contracts, and connecting you to professionals whether you are looking for a videographer or a booking agent.

become part of our international roster of artists.

discover our full roster of unique artists


"Working with Embrace Management has been a dream come true. I have finally found the people who truly have my back, who see me as a being - beyond being an artist, and also include my perception and ideas, in the creation of my career. The team is always looking for ways to make things greater, to make our vision a reality, and let me tell you… we are creating it BIG TIME!"