do you want to take your musical career to the next level?
that's what we do, and this is how we'll do it: 

social media marketing campaigns

We recognize that in the age of a global pandemic the only relationship that artists have with their fans is online, therefore the visual identity is now more important than ever. Social Media is the core of the connection between artists and audience. We want to give you a foundation, which you can use even after you have been with us. 

Social Media Ads

With our social media ads we are looking to increase your organic views and most importantly your engagement. (Youtube, IG, FB)

Defining Unique Target Audience

Through weekly calls with our social media marketeer, we will determine your unique target audience.

Personalised Content Advice & Creation

We will advise on what content will have the most value and what to post moving forward to get the most out of your campaign and beyond.


further services

We provide assistance in every aspect of developing an artist’s career - from finding songwriters, studios, producers to help promote their profile on Social Media. What do you need and how can we help you - these are questions we ask our clients in the early stages of development.

Publishing & Syncing

Social Media Marketing

We EMBRACE the importance of finding a good home for your music.


Embrace works in partnership with A-list Publishing & Syncing companies in the UK, US and South America. Whether you work with us on a Development or Management basis, we will help you to get your content finished and ready to send on to our partners.

We EMBRACE the fact that social media marketing is essential when building your artist’s profile.


We have our very own in-house social media specialist, and also work in partnership with top tier social media marketing companies across Europe, US and South America, especially Brazil. Our team will discuss your needs, budget and aims in order to assess the best option for you.

Music Industry Network

We EMBRACE the power of long lasting relationships. 


We have worked with top A-list singers & musicians, producers, DJs, production managers, lighting designers, promoters, agents and so on. Our goal is to connect you to the right person, depending on what you’re looking for.

Artist Bio & Brand Book

We EMBRACE the importance of preparing a well written biography and a professionally produced and designed brand book.


These are essential steps when you make contact with key people in the industry. Our team will help you to create or polish your bio and produce a brand book that clearly reflects your visual identity.

artist management

Artist management needs to be responsive, reactive, constantly communicative and with a completely 360 view in terms of options available to clients. Our aim is to work with hand-picked, emerging talent who show the right combination of ability and attitude, developing their careers with strategic work on music, live, sync and branding possibilities.

Tailored approach.

Depending on your needs and requirements, we will introduce you to songwriters, producers, record labels and publishers. We EMBRACE your dreams as ours, and will work 24/7 until that has been done. We are truly passionate about helping you to achieve your goals.

We understand these are difficult times due to the pandemic making it impossible for artists to perform live. In response, we have adapted and now play an essential role in helping artists to grow their fan base through social media engagement and exposure. It is our job to find new ways for you to earn before we can all go back to the live touring.